2021, Commercial, Sony TV Bravia2021, Music Video, Amiide 'You Can Have Me'2021, Lookbook, X-Girl WeLeague2021, Commercial, Saison Card2021, Lookbook, Uniqlo x UT2021, Commercial + Voice Actor, FujiFilm, commercial + Voice Actor2021, Commercial, Nivea2021, Lookbook + Voice Actor, Sisterhood2020, Commercial, Canon Zoom PowerShot2020, Commercial, Bandai Namco2020, Commercial, Nintendo Mario Kart2020, Commercial, Panasonic Earphones2020, Commercial, Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service2020, Commercial, Kose Sports2020, Interview, Beams Japan2018, Magazine interview, Comospolitan Japan, Pride Month, Cover Girl2017, Magazine, Nylon Japan x Vetements2017, Campaign, H&M Japan, Golden Week by Leslie Kee2017, Commercial, DIESEL, Make love not Walls2017, Magazine, Vogue Taiwan by Leslie Kee2016, Runway, Tokyo Girl's Collection AW Punyus2016, Campaign, New Balance, MY BETA2016, Campaign, Shibuya 109, Poster Girl


2016, A Boy Who Wished to be Okuda Tamio and a Girl Who Drove All Men Crazy, as herself, Laura the Model


2019, Summer Nights -uma noite de verao-, Insonmia EP2019, Dreaming, Insomnia EP2019, Insomnia EP, Debut Release2020, Changes (Collaboration)2020, Some Things Never Change, single release2020, Fun, single release2020, High Baby, single release2021, Now or Never, single release2021, Fun (Remix), single release
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